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The Benefits of Spring Deck Maintenance

Spring Deck Maintenance

Deck maintenance is needed right after winter to address any issues, whether large or small.

Before you can enjoy cookouts and lounging in the sun, spring should be the start of your deck maintenance preparation for the summer.

The winter not only makes things harder on us, but our homes take a beating as well. Deck maintenance is needed right after winter to address any issues, whether large or small. Without proper maintenance, larger problems may occur down the road.

Spring Deck Maintenance

When the more pleasant weather of spring approaches us, inspecting the area around your deck is a great way to start the proper maintenance needed for the summer. Just like you were hidden away for the winter, rodents, spiders and termites can quickly find a home in wood and debris around your deck. Make sure to clean up any woodpiles or any other materials that may have served as a refuge for a variety of critters. Also, pruning trees and shrubs that are near your deck also helps to prevent any additional infestations.

Waterproofing & Other Issues

An early jump on your deck maintenance will help you to detect any issues that may have occurred through water damage. Although your deck may have waterproofing, it’s important to make sure that the waterproofing is still intact, as well as the envelope is still protected. This helps to avoid any issues that may occur in the future from excessive water. While some issues may jump out at you, others can be hard to notice with an untrained eye. Hiring a home improvement contractor will help in detecting issues with your deck’s slope, the stability of your deck and deck rot.

Proper Deck Maintenance Saves Money

The longer you wait to fix any issues with your deck, the quicker it can deteriorate. With proper deck maintenance, however, you can make sure that you will have full access to hosting barbeques and enjoying time with your family on your properly maintained piece of paradise. Don’t let small issues turn into big issues, and spend the money in the spring to make your deck prepared for the summer.

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