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Prepare Your Home for Halloween!


Happy Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner! While you’re rushing to pin the finishing touches on your kid’s Batman costume, consider a few simple decorations to add to your home to get into the holiday spirit.

Decorate Your Fence

If you have a fence then you’re in luck. A fence, whether wooden or iron wrought, is the perfect accessory for holiday decorations. Decorate your fence for Halloween in three simple ways:

  1. Add pumpkin finials your fence. This requires fake or real miniature pumpkins. Simple apply them to the top of each post as a festive way to show off your love for the season.
  2. Buy a roll of caution tape. Caution tape is a cheap and simple way to decorate any size or style of fence. Wrap the yellow tape around your fence and finish it off with a “keep out” sign on the gate.
  3. Wrap cobwebs and spiders around your fence. Purchase a bag of cobwebs and plastic spiders from your local dollar store and stretch the cobwebs over the openings of your fence! Finish off the spooky look with plastic spiders and other ghoulish décor.

Spook-ify your Bathrooms

If you haven’t already purchased a few purple lightbulbs then grab a couple next time you’re grocery shopping. The purple light is a simple way to set the Halloween mood in your bathroom to excite your children or guests.

Display your Jack-O-Lanterns on the Deck

The pumpkin patches here in Maryland are still ripe with the spherical orange fruit. Carve a few with your family and friends and display them on your deck for all to see! Use fake candles as a safer alternative to real candles. They light the way just as effectively and you won’t have to risk your light going out or tipping over in the wind.

Happy Halloween from Albaugh and Sons!

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