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Kitchen Remodeling Trends You Don’t Want To Miss This Year

Islands are now becoming the focal points for kitchens.

Something that is in style now may not be in style a few years from now. Trends are always changing, and it’s not easy to keep up with them.  One thing you don’t want is your brand new kitchen remodel to already be outdated, but how are you going to know the hottest trends? We are here to let you know what the new year is bringing for kitchen remodeling trends.

Smart Kitchens

It is crazy to think that technology has evolved so much that we can now have smart homes. This means that you can automate almost every appliance in your kitchen. You can purchase anything from a faucet that senses your hand underneath it to a refrigerator that will alert you when you are running low on groceries. You can also link your lighting to your phone so that when you forget to turn your lights off after cooking, you don’t have to move to turn them off.

Basic Colors Are In

White has always been a popular color for kitchens and that has not changed. It gives your kitchen a clean, timeless look. Grey is a close second to white because it is always neutral and matches almost any décor you choose. The new trend for this year is dark colors. A lot of people are going towards black, navy blue, and olive green for their kitchens. For a while, bright colors were the way to go, but now it is quite the opposite. Dark colors give your kitchen a dramatic, luxurious look. Just be careful that the dark colors aren’t too overwhelming because it could make your kitchen look smaller and gloomy.

Say Goodbye To Stainless Steel Appliances

The header is a bit dramatic, as a lot of people still like stainless steel. However, it is no longer at the top of the market. One of the hottest trends this year are dark, grey toned appliance with a dark metal finish. You may even come across some bold colors like red or blue which is a big change because before, people stayed neutral with appliance colors. Another interesting trend is the steam oven which is all the rave right now. It is known to cook food much faster while retaining more flavor and nutrients.

Kitchen Islands

Islands have become focal points of kitchens rather than an added perk. Now, they are serving more than one purpose. People are putting cabinetry and even appliances into the island to make for more kitchen space. We are also starting to see islands being merged into living spaces in homes with open floor plans. Islands are getting bigger and better, so you might want to consider one for your project.

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