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Incentives For Installing Cedar Fencing

Incentives For Installing Cedar Fencing

While you could build your fence from a variety of materials, including iron, wood, and stone, cedar fencing has its own set of perks.

It’s natural to want a fence around your yard. In fact, it can often be a necessity depending on where you live and who lives with you. Fences serve to establish the boundaries of your yard, keep children and pets from getting into danger by leaving your yard, and prevent predators and other unwelcome guests from getting into your yard and endangering everyone living with you. While you could build your fence from a variety of materials, including iron, wood, and stone, cedar fencing has its own set of perks.


Cedar fencing has the luxury of being highly customizable. You could opt for a simple picket fence, or go with something more exotic. The design you pick will often be dependent on the look of your home so that you can build a fence that goes well with it.

There is also a wide array of woods available to you so you can select which type of wood is best for your home. With so many choices available, there will be a cedar fencing option that goes with practically any house.


Some people may think that wooden options of fencing aren’t as durable and that they’re likely to keel over against the elements. You might be surprised to find out that cedar fencing can hold its own against brutal weather just as iron or aluminum fences can. As long as your cedar fencing has been treated, it can perform just as well in harsh climates, including wind, rain, and snow. Your fence will likely last for many years as long as you perform regular maintenance by addressing weak areas and giving your fence extra protection with new layers of paint. Cedar fencing also won’t rust, which is something important to consider if you plan on having your fence last as long as your home.

Raise Your Home’s Value

Cedar fencing does more than add aesthetic appeal and functionality to your home; it also raises your home’s value. Fences are one of the easiest ways for you to improve the resale value your house has. Their value never goes down, and they are appealing to many homebuyers, whether they seek extra privacy, they need a protective border for children or pets, or they want to feel more fortified against unwanted guests who may try to get into their yard. Wooden fences, in particular, are a wise choice because they don’t have high maintenance and replacement expenses like other fences may have.

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