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Common Problems Wood Fences Face and When You Should Repair Vs. Replace Them

Common Problems Wood Fences Face and When You Should Repair Vs. Replace Them

Here are some of the problems wood fences experience and when you should repair them versus replace them.

Are you unsure of whether you should get your fence repaired or replaced? The way that most homeowners go about making the decision is to look at the costs associated with each option. Getting a fence repaired is often easier and cheaper, but it’s more of a short-term solution, and it’s only a feasible option if the damage isn’t too great. Replacing your fence entirely can seem more expensive, and that is true initially. However, if you have a lot of damage on your fence, you can save money long-term by getting everything replaced rather than burdening yourself with countless smaller repairs that don’t remedy the problem. Knowing what damage can be repaired versus what requires a fence replacement isn’t always easy, however. Here are some of the problems wood fences experience and when you should repair them versus replace them.

Problems With Fences That Be Fixed With Ease

Since wood is a natural material, it takes on damage more easily than synthetic materials. Factors like insects and moisture can gradually wear your fence down over time, causing warping, discoloring, and splintering, among other problems.

To get your fence repaired, you first have to identify the source of the damage and stop it from happening in the future. Then, you take the appropriate course of action, depending on the type of damage your fence sustained. You can use wood filler to deal with tiny holes if your fence has them. Fences that have greater damage, such as warping, will have to get all of their affected rails and boards replaced.

These solutions aren’t the most appealing since there will be a visible difference in your fence. However, these noticeable differences can sometimes fix themselves over time as those spots get affected by weather or if you use paint to conceal them.

When Replacements are Better Than Repairs

If repairs seem like they’re too much to take on, a fencing replacement can be a great option. It makes plenty of sense to replace fences when the repairs are larger and/or more recurring. Larger repairs cost a larger amount of money, and as repairs pile up, so too will the expenses. At a certain point, fences just need to be replaced. Rid yourself of these tedious recurring repairs and all of the expenses that come with them. Generally, once 20% of your fence is damaged, that’s when it becomes a good idea to get everything replaced. Fences should also get replaced when they get too old. All fences have a certain lifespan, which varies based on how much maintenance you provide for them. Just remember that replacing an older fence can be tricky since the parts needed for the replacement might not be available anymore.

Something to consider is that fence posts are tougher and more pricey to replace than pickets and panels. This is because posts tend to be rooted in cement, and there is extra labor that comes with getting them dug out. If there are multiple fence posts that need to be replaced, you should just replace your whole fence at that point.

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