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How to Choose the Best Fence for Your Pet


There are many fencing materials that will do a great job of keeping your pet in your yard, but which fence is best for your home?

As a pet owner, you understand that your pets are your family. Keeping your pets safe and secure when letting them roam through your outdoor space is an imperative aspect of pet-ownership. To let your pets wander freely, for any amount of time, you must have the proper fencing installed. There are many fencing materials that will do a great job of keeping your pet in your yard, but which fence is best for your home? This comprehensive guide will help you select the correct fence for you, your home, and your pet.

Split Rail Fencing

Split-rail fencing might be the style you think of when you imagine farm-style fencing. If you have larger dogs, this type of fencing will keep your dog in your yard safely, while also remaining open and allowing you to see through the fence. This open view may require additional material, like welded metal, being added to the fencing itself if your pets are able to squeeze or dig under the fence.

Picket Fencing

Picket fences have represented suburban America for what feels like forever — and for good reason. Picket fences work well with traditional-style homes and can add curb appeal to the overall look of your home and landscaping. In addition to adding a classic look to your home, picket fences are known for being ideal for pets, especially those who are prone to jumping over the fence.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing has become popular in recent years because of its strength and versatility. If you want to give your pet an ample view while keeping your four-legged friend secure in your yard, an aluminum fence is a great modern fencing trend.

Privacy Fencing

We all know that, sometimes, pets can get a little too excited. Whether this means your pet gets a little too loud around other people or animals or maybe gets too aggressive, a privacy fence is your best option. A solid wood privacy fence will ensure that your pet remains in your yard and cannot see beyond your yard.


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