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Best Kitchen Remodeling Additions for the New Year

For many, 2016 is the year for kitchen remodeling and redesigns. There are so many exciting kitchen additions and options for the new year it’s hard to know where to start! The best additions for you depend on your needs, but there are several additions this year that EVERY home can benefit

Take a look at the most useful, exciting and attractive kitchen remodeling additions available to homeowners this year.

Stacking ovens

With more and more families looking to cook and bake at home, it’s common to run into the issue of more dishes requiring the oven than oven space available. For this reason, a huge kitchen remodeling addition for this year will be stacking ovens for easy access and extra baking space. It’s a win-win!

Stainless steel appliances

While stainless steel appliances have been a growing trend for a few years, the idea will really be taking off this year. As a higher-quality, longer-lasting and aesthetically-pleasing alternative to other appliance materials, it’ll be a top addition to kitchen remodeling projects.

Multi-functional counter islands

Counter islands are another addition that have been around for a while but are getting an upgrade. Previously, they were mainly used as additional counter space and for eat-in kitchens. Now, kitchen remodeling trends are focused on islands with sinks, storage, shelves, and other accessories to make them incredibly useful.

Plenty of lighting

The days of one ceiling lamp in the middle of the kitchen are over. Strategic placement of smaller lights on the ceiling, on the walls, or even beneath cabinets and above counters are frequent additions in kitchen remodeling. Spreading the light out not only looks better but is better for finding everything you need while using the kitchen.

The main focus on kitchen additions this year will be on getting more out of this important room. As families spend more time cooking at home, they want their kitchens to work for them—as they should! If you’re ready to make any of these additions to your Frederick, MD home, give Albaugh & Sons a call.

Top-quality kitchen remodeling in Frederick, MD

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