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The Beauty Of Crown Molding

The Beauty Of Crown Molding

Crown molding can take your rooms to the next level. It’s the best way to make the transition from wall to ceiling, and it truly provides a certain form of elegance.

A house has many parts. This much we know, and it’s pretty obvious when you look at everything that goes into a building project. Mostly, you’re going to use the home to eat, sleep, and relax by watching TV. Of course, there’s the hygiene aspect as well, which is where the bathroom comes into play. Yet, there’s so much more that makes a home in regards to design. For example, the molding in your house can make your design without you even noticing. More specifically, crown molding can take your rooms to the next level. It’s the best way to make the transition from wall to ceiling, and it truly provides a certain form of elegance.

What Does It Do For Me?

Crown molding is certainly a style preference, and it’s frequently found in older homes, or homes that are going for a vintage look. Crown molding gives your room character, and even though it’s just the wall and ceiling it can attract attention. Crown molding works in unison with the surrounding features, and in some cases it can even make the ceiling look taller (or raised). The style is always up to your discretion, but you can accent it to how you see fit. Depending on the design and millwork you prefer, you could take a scaled back approach or go for something more extravagant.

Should It Be Consistent Throughout?

There are multiple ways to look at this, and it really just depends on your personal preference and the layout of your home. If the design of your rooms are consistent and similar throughout, then it may make sense to have the same crown molding in each area. It would create familiarity. However, if your rooms differ, it may make sense to switch up the crown molding in certain spots. You can really make one room stand out and highlight the molding, while another room may be more subdued. It all depends on how you want to use this technique to accentuate the space.

Value Advantage

Crown molding can give you an advantage in the housing market, if you ever decide to enter it. The feature can hide those unfortunate wall seams, taking away anything that would look visually unappealing. One tactic that would set a room apart is to light the crown molding. BY doing this, you’d basically be creating a glow around the room.

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