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Basement Design Trends: Your Very Own Home Gym

home gym

Staying in shape and maintaining your fitness will be effortless with a luxurious, in-home gym.

Need a better reason to get yourself motivated and get to the gym? We have your answer. There’s no way you can turn down a workout when your gym is only steps away — in your very own basement. You wake up in the morning, and it’s nearly impossible to remember to pack your gym bag in the midst of your morning rush. Even if you do remember to pack your tennis shoes and earphones, driving all the way to the gym from your office is sometimes the last thing you want to do after a long day’s work. Staying in shape and maintaining your fitness will be effortless with a luxurious, in-home gym. Here are a few home gym trends to keep in mind when remodeling your basement.

Your Yoga Space

If you’re a yogi, there’s no doubt that you have a studio where you enjoy practicing. But even novice yogis know that the only way to improve your practice is by trying out poses at home. Practice makes perfect, so why only practice at the studio you go to down the street? Create your own meditation space in your basement. A basement is the perfect space to set up your own in-home studio. Look for light fixtures that can be dimmed for a relaxing experience. Paint a lotus or ohm mural on an accent wall so that you can use that to focus while holding more difficult poses. This is your space, so be sure to add your personality and specific tastes to it. Whatever makes you feel relaxed while also focused is your best bet.

Brighten Up Your Cardio

If your basement has any sources of natural light, consider setting up your workout equipment near windows or doors. The natural light will keep your energy boosted and attention focused, especially if you’re a person who prefers working out outdoors, but time and weather don’t allow for it all year long. Enjoy running your 5K on your treadmill while watching the snow fall through the window. Open a window while pumping some iron to let fresh air flow. Place some indoor trees and plants in your workout space to keep the air fresh and looking fresh. Whatever your public gym is lacking can be put into your beautiful basement home gym.


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