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How To Achieve Consistency In Color

How To Achieve Consistency In Color

The consistency in the paint you use and how you brush can alter your color.

When tackling the project of interior painting, there are many factors that can play a key role in how the final product looks. Upgrading the walls with new paint is a challenge many homeowners face, and sometimes, it’s actually an easy task. If it’s just a single wall or even a small room, applying new paint can be a fun, simple experiment. However, if it’s a larger area within the house, the paint job can become difficult. More specifically, the consistency can become skewed with the amount of paint that’s needed. Here are a few tips to help overcome the problems with large scale painting projects.

Buy From The Same Store, And Together

This solution can eliminate a variety of problems you may have down the road. The concept of buying your supplies together in bulk will ultimately save you time. Not only in bulk, but at the same store as well. This will help you guarantee that all your paint will essentially be the exact same color. Even though paint creation and mixing has less of a human factor today with the advent of automation, there’s still a chance for deviations to occur. Though a difference in paint may sound miniscule, it would be extremely noticeable.

The Level Of Paint Matters

Depending on budget, it may be wise to spend more on the quality of paint you use. With a higher-quality brand of paint, it would allow the job to be completed in less time. Not only that, but it would create a more elegant final product, given the fact that the coating wouldn’t be overdone.

Understand The Layout

It’s crucial to have an understanding of the layout when approaching a large scale painting project. There are two reasons for this, and each will save time in the long run. The first is due to efficiency. It’s important to know how much paint will be needed for certain walls, that way you’re not consistently switching to new paint during the middle of a wall. The second is due to the lighting of a room. It’s important to understand how artificial and natural light will illuminate the room, and how that impacts the visual of the walls.


Consistency can come in many forms. From the planning of the operation to the amount of paint you use, it is a factor. One place many overlook is consistency in brushing. Your brush strokes can determine whether a job is successful or not.

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