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5 Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, you don’t want to be making costly or irreparable mistakes—especially when you may be remodeling to fix previous errors. While it seems less daunting than some other household tasks, bathroom remodeling requires skill, patience, and knowledge.bathroom-remodeling-frederick-md

If you’re planning on performing a bathroom remodel yourself, or even hiring someone to do it, make sure you don’t make the following common mistakes.

Mistake #1: Going cheap on materials

You want the materials and products used in your remodel to last. While going cheap will save you money upfront, you’ll be sorry down the road when you start having constant problems with your drains, or your tiles start cracking from being wet. Spend a little more upfront on your bathroom remodeling to save you time and money later.

Mistake #2: Rushing

The bathroom being out of commission for a little while is certainly inconvenient. What’s more inconvenient is when it’s constantly out of commission due to the toilet constantly acting up. Rushing your bathroom remodeling, whether doing it yourself or paying a contractor, ends in sloppy results that may cause issues down the road.

Mistake #3: Going cheap on labor

Sure, a cheap bathroom remodeling special is tempting, but is the company reputable? Multiple bad reviews and lack of testimonials should be a warning sign. While you may pay less for the job, you run the risk of not being happy with the end result, or even having to pay another contractor to fix a mistake the cheaper one made.

Mistake #4: Uneducated upgrades

Technological advances offer a wide range of fancy bathroom upgrades, such as his and her showerheads, smart toilets, and more. However, some of these options can put a toll on your water usage, and sometimes energy usage depending on the upgrade. Make sure you know product demands and how they work before having them installed during bathroom remodeling. The last thing you want is to damage your current systems or receive a surprise with your water or energy bill.

Mistake #5: Not enough storage

Many people focus on the tub, shower, toilet, floors and wall paint during a bathroom remodeling. But what about cabinets? Shelves? We store a lot of things in our bathrooms, from hygiene products to towels, and we need a place to put them. Make sure you have enough storage for all your bathroom needs.

Put a professional in charge of your bathroom remodeling

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