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4 Outdated Kitchen Remodeling Trends To Avoid


When remodeling your kitchen, remember to avoid these four outdated kitchen trends.

When starting out on your kitchen remodeling project, you probably already have an image of your ideal kitchen in mind. It’s easy to find many interior design blogs that lend a hand to your kitchen inspiration. These are great at giving you an idea of what to incorporate into your kitchen remodeling project, but it’s just as important to think about what trends you should be avoiding. When remodeling your kitchen, remember to avoid these four outdated kitchen trends.

Over-The-Top Statement Lighting

Statement lighting is a bold choice for any homeowner, and it can be done well or it can be done poorly. In 2018, most design trends favor a more minimalist aesthetic. With over-the-top statement lighting, some of the most elegant aspects of your kitchen will be overshadowed by loud or big fixtures. When choosing pendant lighting, opt for fixtures that are lighter in terms of material and color.

Pot Racks

If you have a small kitchen, it can be hard to find storage for your pots and pans, but even the smallest kitchens can be reorganized to fit cookware. Hanging pots and pans tend to make kitchen spaces seem cluttered and unorganized. If you’re not a professional chef, you probably don’t need to get to your pots and pans in a matter of seconds anyway.

Graphic Signs

Signs have been an interior design trend for a while, but it’s one that is slowly fading out of favor. Graphic signs with words, phrases, or sayings are not in-line with the minimalist trends that are currently taking over. Signs can make a kitchen seem too busy and cluttered, so it’s best to find simple art that complements the overall style of your kitchen.

Overly Ornate Cabinets

Cabinets with heavily-detailed molding are another trend that is quickly on its way out. Black cabinets are very popular within the minimalist trend. Also, white cabinets are still very popular. Minimal details in your cabinetry are acceptable, but be sure to not go overboard.


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