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Vinyl Decks Vs. Wooden Decks

Vinyl Decks Vs. Wooden Decks

Both wood and vinyl decks have their merits, and there are plenty of reasons people use them on their properties to this day.

Back in the day, when people looked at decking materials, wood was always the first option that came to mind. While wooden decks are still highly popular to this day, a new decking material has begun to rise in popularity as well: vinyl decking. Both wood and vinyl decks have their merits, and there are plenty of reasons people use them on their properties to this day.

About Wooden Decks

Wooden decks are classics. They have been around for decades with no sign of leaving any time soon. What makes them so popular is three main factors. First of all, they are one of the more budget-friendly options. This makes them more accessible to the average homeowner.

Wood also offers a pleasant aesthetic for your deck. It’s a material that complements many houses, and it blends in seamlessly with nature given its natural-looking appearance.

What’s more is that you get a lot of mileage out of wooden decks. With lifespans hovering around the 10-15 year mark, you’ll be able to enjoy your investment for a long time, provided you give your deck the proper care.

Lastly, wood decks are some of the most customizable decks you can find. There are so many stains and paints you can pair with your deck, allowing you to create whatever look or style you want to achieve.

About Vinyl Decks

While wooden decks have been around for much longer, vinyl decks are surging in popularity today, and not without good reason. They have even longer lifespans than wooden decks, lasting around 25 years. This lifespan is also sustained while requiring less maintenance on your end, meaning you won’t spend as much time working on your deck, and instead, you’ll have more time to enjoy it.

Vinyl also comes with the upside of high durability, allowing it to withstand the various weather conditions you may face where you live. It even comes with resistance to both moisture and insects, making it suitable for areas that experience constant rain and snow, or places where there are many bugs present around your yard.

Finally, vinyl decks come with their own aesthetic appeal, just like wooden decks. You can choose from a large assortment of colors, allowing you to match the exterior of your home and landscape without trouble. You’ll have to pay a little extra upfront for the kind of quality you get from a vinyl deck, but you’ll find that the long-term value will make your purchase worth your while.

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