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Spring Deck Maintenance Tips

Deck Maintenance

If you are looking for a Deck Maintenance Specialist in Frederick, you’ve come to the right place!

Spring has arrived, and with it a wide array of familiar issues that many people struggle with.  As a homeowner and lover of your property, you relish the chance to enjoy the warming temperatures and growing plants the season has to offer.  One of the best places to enjoy this is your own deck, which gives you a view of everything you need to see while keeping nature from getting too personal.  You need to always keep in mind, though, that your deck needs you as much as you need it.  Performing regular deck maintenance is part of your duty and privilege.

The Best Time of the Year for Deck Maintenance

If you want to repair your deck—and you should—you want to do so during the spring season.  In particular, late spring is the best time.  In late spring, much of the season’s rain has already run its course and you will have more dry days to work.  In addition, the summer heat has yet to kick in, meaning that conditions for working will be just about right in order to ensure your own comfort.  Comfortable work is good work because you can focus more on the job at hand without being distracted by your own sweat.  You will also keep a better grip on your tools (though you should probably use gloves for deck work, anyway).

It’s worth noting that if you want to paint or stain your deck, you should wait until the middle of fall, when the days are dry and cool.  The work will be done in time to provide a fresh barrier against winter weather.

The Best Protection

Always start your deck maintenance with a good cleaning.  This removes the detritus of the previous seasons and prevents it from causing further damage when your deck loses its defenses.  Once you have fixed all damage to the deck, you should always finish any restoration job with a fresh coat of finishing and preservatives.  These will protect your deck from moisture and fungi that creep into exposed wood when the weather turns wetter.  You don’t need a nasty surprise at the end of the season, when you step out onto the porch only to find a hole where your foot just stepped.  A sealant that protects against sunlight as well is your best choice.

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