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Rethinking Your Home’s Color Scheme Before Selling It


Rethinking Your Home’s Color Scheme Before Selling It

We’ll be going over different paint colors that could be helpful for selling your house.

Painting a house is a great way to make it look more appealing before selling it. But this process can’t be done carelessly. You have to put a great deal of thought into the paint you choose. This isn’t the same as painting a house just to give your house a new look. There are many ways you can paint your house to make selling it easier. We’ll be going over different paint colors that could be helpful for selling your house.

Good Paint Colors for Walls

The walls are your largest surfaces in all of your rooms. It’s best to go with neutral colors, typically lighter tones. Colors such as white and gray are great recommendations. You could also add a semi-gloss finish because it’s cheaper than going with a high-gloss paint, and it helps conceal imperfections better. High-gloss will last longer than flat finishes, but remember, the primary goal is to sell the house. It won’t have to last forever. As long as it lasts for a few months, you should be good to go. Besides, the one who buys your house might want to repaint the house anyway.

Good Paint Colors for Ceilings

White is a staple color for ceilings. It’s a cheap color. It can conceal imperfections to make everything look cleaner. It can even make the room feel taller in general. You might even want to paint your ceiling even if it already looks fine as it is. Painting the walls without painting the ceiling isn’t recommended because they will contrast with one another and give off a less glamorous look.

Preferred Trim Colors

With regards to interior trim, a semi-gloss white coloring is a pretty universal option for most homes. Glossy sheens will stand out more against the backdrop of your wall, making your room look more appealing without trying too hard, which could otherwise make you seem desperate to sell.

With that said, you don’t have to use semi-gloss white. There are some scenarios when it would be fine to take a different approach. For example, if you have a completely white room, you could benefit from a gray trim, which offers more contrast.

You could add a little extra touch of color when your trim has either routed edges or some detailed carvings. If you’re still unsure of what you should do, you could always consult a professional painting company and get their input.

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