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Why Your Exterior Paint Might be Peeling

Why Your Exterior Paint Might be Peeling

Here are some of the reasons the paint on your house can start peeling.

Paints peeling can happen to any house, and it can be an unattractive sight. It’s important to understand the source of the problem if you’re going to resolve it, and peeling paint can occur for a few reasons. Each potential problem has its own solutions, so correctly identifying the source of the issue is critical. Here are some of the reasons the paint on your house can start peeling.

Moisture Exposure

When your house gets exposed to water constantly, the water can get under your paint. Once this happens, moisture starts building up, causing your paint to peel away from the surface of your house. Leaks around the house usually cause this problem, so you’ll want to get these leaks fixed if you want to stop this problem.

Loss of Adhesion

If you don’t address blistering, peeling is likely to occur. Bubbles that are created from the heat of the sun will start cracking open and shed off your house’s surface. Adhesion loss can also be a concern when you paint on a surface that’s dirty, or when the paint you use doesn’t work well with the surface on which it’s applied. A common problem that can lead to adhesion loss is when people try mixing oil-based paints with water-based ones.

Inferior Paints

A lot of people might tell you that high-end paints could last longer. While there is definitely merit to those claims, you should be recommended to use products that can work well with your outdoor environment. Since different people live in different areas, the best product for your situation could be different from someone else’s.

New Wood

New wood can serve as the catalyst for peeling paint too. Before you apply any new paints to your house, especially along the exterior, you’ll need to treat the wood. There are natural oils found in new wood, and it’s these oils that can cause paints to start peeling earlier than weathered wood.


While the sun can be beneficial in many ways, it also serves as a hindrance to your paint at times. The sun’s UV rays can harm your house’s exterior in a similar manner to how humans get sunburnt. Just like how skin peels after it’s been burnt, so too will the paint on the exterior of the house. When you have peeling paint, it won’t be able to keep your property safe.

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