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Paint Your Home for the Holiday

Cozy winter composition in a room

Have your home painted for the holiday season!

The holiday season is finally here! Whether you’re trimming the tree or lighting the menorah, your home will soon be a welcome place for friends, family, and festive cheer.  While you’re dusting off those holiday decorations from the attic, consider the aspects of your home that may need a makeover before the first snowfall. When was the last time you had your interior professionally painted?

Hiring a Professional

When the idea of painting the interior of your home comes to mind, the first thought typically involves doing it yourself. With patience and a pair of rolled up sleeves, anyone can paint their home, right? The truth is painting the interior of your home requires the necessary tools, time, and a professional touch. Rather than running out to home depot and taking a few days off work, leave the hard part to us, and allow Albaugh and Sons to give your home the paint job it deserves!

It’s More Cost Effective

More than likely, you don’t have the correct brushes, rollers, drop cloths, or scaffolding necessary for the job just lying around your house. Factor for the time it will take you to complete your painting project as well. Will you have to take time off work? Will you have to pay for a babysitter? Hiring a professional team takes these headaches out of the occasion.


If the area isn’t prepped correctly, then no amount of expensive paint or fancy tools will help your project. You must remove all furniture, protect the flooring, remove wall hangings, clean the walls, remove outlet covers, tape the areas you don’t want painted, and set up the staging area all before the first drop of paint hits your walls! A great prep leads to an easy cleanup, so if the prep hasn’t been completed then the cleanup will take twice as long.

It’s the Holiday!

It’s the holiday season, which means that you’ll be decorating, entertaining, and running errands until we welcome 2017. Don’t attempt to bite off more than you can chew. Instead, leave the work to us.

Albaugh & Sons provides interior painting services that are performed by experienced professionals. We prepare each site before we even open a can of paint, and when we’re finished, you’ll never know we were there – except for the fresh coat of paint on your walls.

The painting services we offer are overseen by one of our owners, and the personnel we use have years of experience. Our process begins with an on-site visit so we can take measurements and discuss details of the project with you. We will make suggestions based on our previous jobs and experience, and then provide you with an accurate and competitive proposal.

Ready to start your interior painting project today? CONTACT US online, or give us a call at 301-964-9379 today to start your project!

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