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Keeping Your Deck Protected During Winter

Keeping Your Deck Protected During Winter

Here are the winter protection methods you should take to preserve your deck.

It’s the month of December, and the weather is now much colder. It’s during these brutally cold months of winter when the exterior of our properties is most susceptible to damage if you don’t protect them. One area prone to weather damage is your deck, which is why proper protection is needed for it when the temperatures drop. Here are the winter protection methods you should take to preserve your deck.

Keep Your Deck Clean

Cleaning is always a good idea, but it’s especially important during winter. For example, if you have any plants on your deck, you should remove them from the area because of moisture leaching, which could discolor your decking’s wood. You should also store patio furniture elsewhere until the temperatures warm up later on.

Scrub Your Deck

Getting things off of your deck can be important for preserving its longevity, but cleaning the decking itself should also not be ignored. The surface of your decking should remain clean, and scrubbing it down goes a long way towards getting the clean surface you’ll want. If you let pieces of debris linger on your deck, the debris could rot, and subsequently, the surface will start to deteriorate.

Get Rid of Mildew and Mold Buildup

If you see any mold or mildew piling up, you should get rid of it the moment it’s spotted. Decks commonly experience these types of problems, so it’s important to stay vigilant in case they arise. This is even more true in the winter months because the moisture from this season makes it easier for mold and mildew to be attracted to your decking.

Apply a Water-Resistant Seal

If you want additional protection for your decking this winter, a water-resistant seal is quite helpful. It grants you more protection against moisture to your deck’s surface, and the cracks of your decking will be sealed as well.

You might have to remove other finishes before applying the seal, but you’ll be glad you did. This way, when spring comes around, your deck will be in perfect shape.

Get Rid of Snow

Winter is a season during which snow is plentiful, but as much as snow can be enjoyable, it’s best left off of your decking. For this reason, you should shovel snow away from your decking so that it can’t cause damage. You should shovel in whatever direction your boards are running because you’re much less likely to harm your deck’s finish in the end. Avoid using ice-melting materials like salt when removing snow. While it may appear to be a great idea, the finish could become damaged/discolored.

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