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Interior Paint That Helps to Hide Dirt

Interior Paint That Helps to Hide Dirt

There are plenty of interior paint ideas that can help you conceal dirt.

Dirt is no fun for anyone to see in your home. It makes your house look messier, and it lowers the aesthetic appeal it has too. You’ll want to do whatever you can do to keep dirt from being an eyesore around your house. This is often done by doing some painting. Fortunately, you don’t need to rely on brown and gray paint colors. There are plenty of interior paint ideas that can help you conceal dirt.

Washable Flat Paint

You could go with high-gloss paint as one of your painting options. It goes well with cabinetry, as well as trim around the different rooms in your home. The shortcoming here is that high-gloss paint will reflect light and make dirt stains and smudges more pronounced and noticeable. Flat paints have had concerns in the past regarding how washable they were.

Fortunately, there are varieties of flat paint these days that are easy to wash. Apply this where regular flat paint would normally go if you want something that handles dirt much better.

Use Colors That Camouflage Dirt

When picking a paint color, darker shades are going to do a better job of concealing dirt and stains. While brown and gray are some of the more popular color choices for this purpose, and they certainly perform very well, they aren’t your only color options. You could go with a warmer color tone, such as a burnt orange color, a spicy red, or you could even go with purple. You could also draw people’s eyes away from dirt by giving your walls patterns such as the use of stripes.

Make Sure to Apply a Finish

Color is only one variable that plays a role in hiding the imperfections in your interior walls. Did you know that your finish also holds an influence in making your walls look dirt-free? If your finish is more glossy, your paint becomes more reflective, regardless of the color you pick. The more reflective your paint is, the harder it is to conceal marks. However, if you go with a glossy finish, it will at least be a more durable choice, and it won’t be as tough to clean as a flat finish.

But if the main objective is to conceal dirt, flat finishes are preferred. Your walls are more likely to get scuffed up, but the paint won’t be as reflective, so it’s not always as easy to notice marks.

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