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How to Prepare for Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling

There are a few things you should consider before starting that massive basement remodeling project.

You’ve decided you want to rework your lifeless basement space into something amazing. Basement remodeling is the route to go if you want to add a home theater or a nice bar area that you can retreat to after a long day. It’s not as easy as just throwing down a rug and shoving a television in your basement, though, because you need to take a few steps to really prepare your basement for a complete remodel. We’ve outlined a few things you want to consider before starting your basement remodeling.

Lighting and Ceilings

One way you can make your basement look great is by using drop ceilings. Drop ceilings will conceal electrical and plumbing lines while leaving them easily accessible, if anything were to ever go wrong with the lines. It’s also easy to install recessed lighting or track lighting if you use drop ceilings, which are two options we would recommend for a basement space.

Monitoring Moisture

Your basement getting too moist can definitely be an issue, potentially leading to mold. Check to see that there is no already existing water damage or cracks in your walls. Adding a vapor barrier or even an offset space–that is, a space between your finished walls and the cement basement walls–can also prevent moisture buildup while you’re trying to finish your basement remodeling.

Thinking About Insulation

Basements are typically colder areas. Your finished basement would certainly benefit from insulation to keep away the cold air. Insulation is great because it will also help prevent outside sounds from getting into your basement. If your basement still feels like it might get too cold to use, you may want to install floor level heat vents. Basement remodeling is a complete approach; that means making sure the temperature is nice as well.

Remodel Your Basement With Albaugh and Sons

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