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How Your Deck Can Get Damaged By Ice Dams and Falling Snow

falling ice and snow damage deck

Learn how ice dams and falling snow from your roof can damage your deck.

There have been some rather chilly days this winter, and a few of those days have brought about some sizable snowfall. Snow can be a burden for people’s cars, pathways, and roofs, among other things. One other part of your home that can be harmed by snow is your deck. Snow has to be kept away from your deck because decks are susceptible to a variety of factors if you leave snow unattended. Two of the ways your decking can get damaged are ice dams and falling snow. Find out how ice dams and falling snow can cause your deck to suffer serious damage.

How Falling Snow Harms Your Deck

For those who have two-story houses, you need to be wary of the snow that can fall from your second-story roof. This is especially important if your deck already has plenty of wet snow on it. The biggest concern with snow that falls from such heights is that there is a massive impact made when the snow lands. The impact that comes from falling from such a height does more damage than the weight alone will do. It’s best to avoid ever having snow fall onto your deck from your second-story roof, so make sure you clear up any excess snow buildup you have.

How Ice Dams Damage Your Deck

Ice dams are precisely what they sound like they are. They are actual dams made from ice, and they usually form along the lower sections of your roofing. While the weather is cold, the ice dams may stay put for a while. However, that all changes once the temperatures start to rise again.

Once the weather gets warmer, large slabs of ice start falling from your roof and onto your deck, and these slabs really do a number to your decking. Ice dams usually form due to having a roof that isn’t well insulated. The heat that’s inside of your house begins to warm up your roof and cause snow to melt. After the snow has melted, it heads down to the lower section of your roof, which is cooler. This allows the snow to refreeze. Once this process has repeated itself enough times, you’ll have yourself an ice dam. It’s best to have a professional roofing company address this issue. It can be dangerous to handle this job on your own, and professionals know what precautions are needed to ensure everything is safely done.

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