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Advice On What Fence to Install in Areas With Heavy Snowfall

Advice On What Fence to Install in Areas With Heavy Snowfall

Here are some tips we have on picking a fence when living somewhere with heavy snowfall.

Weather can get pretty intense in the winter. What’s more is that it can last a long time, starting as early as November and continuing through April in some places. Winter brings snow, as well as heavy winds that apply a lot of pressure on people’s yards, specifically on their fences if they have them. Since winter is able to last such a long time, being ready for the long haul is recommended. That’s why, if you’re thinking about installing a fence, you’ll want to install one that can handle the intense weather conditions. Here are some tips we have on picking a fence when living somewhere with heavy snowfall.

Value Pickets and Rails Over Privacy

Snow can be heavy, especially in situations in which it freezes over. When you add high winds into the mix, heavy snow can really start piling onto your fence and apply a lot of pressure. That’s why we suggest using rail and picket fences. This way, snow will end up going between the gaps in your fencing rather than piling onto it continuously. If you go with something else, such as a privacy fence, the snow isn’t going to have anywhere else it can go, so snow will continue to stack up. This will force you to shovel an immense amount of snow throughout the winter.

Metal is a Great Material For Your Fence

Metal is a tough fencing material, capable of withstanding the pressures of heavy snow and winds. It also won’t crack, even if the temperatures drop significantly. Plus, as mentioned earlier, if you go with a rail or picket fence, snow passes through the structure, so you won’t have to worry about excess snow weight burdening your fencing. One concern metal fencing has is salt. If your fencing is installed around salted roads, it could start to corrode, so keep an eye on your fencing if it’s near any salted roads.

Vinyl is Another Material That Can Tolerate Cold Weather

Vinyl fencing is still fairly new, especially compared to other fencing materials. One of the questions people ask is how vinyl can handle cold weather conditions. The answer is that modern vinyl fences hold up quite well. Generally speaking, vinyl fences don’t require as much maintenance as other fences. Also, vinyl is a material that isn’t prone to cracking when it’s put under pressure. It’s a solid choice at any time of the year, so you can feel good about having a vinyl fence even when the weather gets harsh.

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