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How Winter Can Impact Your Fence

How Winter Can Impact Your Fence

Winter is coming.

Winter is coming. When we think of fencing being ruined, it’s usually during a heavy thunderstorm over the summer. The rain and wind wears your fence down, to the point that it needs some renovation. Well, the same thing can happen over the winter if you’re not careful about your maintenance. Fences take a significant beating, whether it’s from mother nature or various other factors. During the summer, the sunlight constantly beaming down can cause the color of your fence to fade. The winter doesn’t have that issue, but it poses a much more difficult challenge.

The Winter Effect

Each fence is unique, and the results will be dependent on that. The bottom line is that an extended exposure to weather conditions leads to extended damage. Particularly, if you employ a wooden fence around your house, the moisture from potential snowfall will wear out the structure, leading to mold and rot.

How Should This Be Treated?

The first step is to check the present state of your fence, and how it’s holding up after the summer and fall seasons. You need to do everything possible to prepare, and that starts with staining the fence. Staining your wooden fence is the best defense against an excess of moisture. If your fence is made of vinyl, it’s important to shovel the snow off in stages, that way it doesn’t accumulate. Snow accumulation on a vinyl fence can quickly cause cracks to appear. In the event of an aluminum fence, you want to be aware of soil shifting, as it can disrupt the base of your enclosure. Finally, make sure the trees around your yard are trimmed. Heavy snow accumulation can cause branches to snap, and potentially land on your fence. These tips are imperative to follow, and without this upkeep your fence could falter.

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