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Why You Would Want a Freestanding Deck

Why You Would Want a Freestanding Deck

Here are some reasons people would consider getting a freestanding deck.

When you hear people talking about decks, you likely think about ones that are attached to people’s houses, and you wouldn’t be wrong to think of decks like this. There are, however, other types of decks people can install on their properties. One such type is a freestanding deck. These decks are different because they are installed in a separate spot from your home instead of being directly attached to the property. But why would people choose a freestanding deck over another decking option? Here are some reasons people would consider getting a freestanding deck.

You Aren’t Able to Securely Attach a Deck to Your Home

A freestanding deck will typically be more expensive to install than other decking options. This is because a minimum of two additional footings are needed for the installation. However, this is sometimes the only option people have if they want decks on their properties. Some homes aren’t suitable for decks, and it might not be safe to install one if it’s attached to the structure directly. Sometimes, if your house is in a spot that is vulnerable to flooding, only a freestanding deck will allow you to abide by all of the building code restrictions in your area.

You Want a Great View From Your Deck

A lot of decks get installed on the sides of people’s homes, and you don’t always get the best view from that spot. With a freestanding deck, you get a little more liberty to install your deck in a spot that offers a better view. That’s one of the luxuries that comes with not being tied directly to the house itself; you decide your surroundings instead of having your surroundings predetermined.

Where Would You Want to Install a Freestanding Deck?

There are so many choices for where you can install a freestanding deck, and the spot where your deck goes will depend on the purpose you have for it.

Perhaps you have a beautiful vineyard or pond around your yard. Some people have pools outside of their houses. Maybe you just want your deck to be a great spot to entertain guests and have parties. Wherever your freestanding deck goes, it will often be best to install it somewhere that allows you to take in the scenery and enjoy your outdoor landscape to its fullest. This will help you get the most out of your freestanding deck.

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