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Why You Should Get Your Deck Installed in Early Spring

Why You Should Get Your Deck Installed in Early Spring

Find out why early spring is the best time to install a new deck.

We’re getting closer and closer to the end of winter, and that means the weather is going to start warming up. It also means that there will be more people working on their outdoor landscapes. One way people like to improve their yards is with the addition of a new deck.

Fortunately, this will be a great time of year to consider a new decking installation. You may hear from deck builders that spring is the ideal time for getting a new deck installed. But why is now the time? Find out why early spring is the best time to install a new deck.

Scheduling Appointments is Much Easier

During early spring, it’s a lot easier to get appointments scheduled with professional deck contractors. The demand for decks goes down during winter but doesn’t truly pick up again until the middle of spring, making now your golden opportunity to get in touch with a decking contractor. With a lower demand for decks, you might still be able to get better deals on decking materials too.

The Weather is Mild

Spring provides you with some pretty ideal weather conditions for a deck installation. Temperatures don’t get too hot or cold, and contractors can work more efficiently when the weather conditions are ideal like this. Also, by starting your deck installation in early spring rather than later in the season, the installation won’t carry over into the summer when the weather gets hotter.

You Have a Smaller Chance of Wood Movement

A few months will be needed for pressure-treated lumber to dry. In late spring, moisture levels can go on the rise, causing the lumber to absorb too much moisture. If this happens, the lumber will swell. This doesn’t even take into consideration that wood takes longer to dry in the later parts of spring.

In late winter and early spring, the weather still won’t be too humid, which means your lumber can dry more quickly and evenly.

You’ll Get to Enjoy your Deck in Late Spring

Deck installations take time, and a lot of people want to be able to enjoy their decks once the weather has warmed up. This means you have to start building your deck before the weather has gotten warmer.

By getting your deck installed at the start of spring, you can have it ready to go later in the season. This will allow you to enjoy all of your favorite outdoor activities right away instead of having to wait an extra year because you started your installation a little too late.

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