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When Should I Wash My Deck for Summer?

With the coming of warm weather, many homeowners are questioning, “When should I wash my deck for summer?” If done too early, there are chances that wet spring weather could leave it looking lackluster by the first get-together. But if done too late, it may cause delays in your outdoor events.


It’s almost time to get your deck cookout-ready!

We’ll cover the perfect time for deck washing, and the best way to go about it.

When should I wash my deck for summer?

The best time for deck cleaning in the Frederick, MD area is late spring, so mid-late May or early June. The wettest part of the season has generally passed, and it’s warm enough to spend a decent amount of time getting your deck ready for summer entertaining.

Proper deck washing steps

When preparing your deck for summer, you want to take the right steps in order to keep it looking new. No matter what material your deck is constructed of, the first thing you should do is clean all debris from the deck, including between the boards. Grainy and rough debris can scratch or stain your deck while washing if not removed prior.

After removing debris and sweeping your deck, it is time to wash the deck. How this is done depends on the deck material, which we’ll cover below:

  • PVC/Vinyl: Fairly easy to clean, a simple mixture of mild soap and warm water can clean most dirt, mold and mildew from vinyl/PVC decks.
  • Wood: Most standard deck cleaner products work with wood, but read the label just to be sure. Some cleaners need the boards to be wet first, and some do not.
  • Composite: There are specific cleaners for composite decking, so make sure to choose one of those. Any oil or grease stains can be cleaned with a detergent.

The last step, if needed, is to seal your deck. This usually does not need done on a yearly basis, but it depends a lot of the wear and tear of your deck. If it’s ready for a new sealing, give Albaugh & Sons a call.


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