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What to Know Before Staining a New Deck

Many homeowners know pressure treated wood stains should be applied every two to three years, but what about staining a new deck? Especially with a brand new pressure treated wood deck, there are a few things to know before starting the staining process. See below for more information on the new deck stain process. staining-a-new-deck

How long to wait before staining a new deck?

Often times, pressure treated wood is still soaked in preservatives when it arrives for the job. It will need to dry before being stained. This may be anywhere from 4-8 weeks, to even multiple months, depending on the stain, wood, weather, and sun exposure to your new deck.

Types of wood stains

There are a few different options when it comes to wood stains, especially for pressure treated wood. A few things to consider are opacity and color. Whether you want a transparent, semisolid, or solid stain depends on the current color and condition of your new, bare wood.

A transparent stain will provide protection from the elements while showing the wood deck’s true color, while a solid stain completely alters the color. Semisolid does add a tint but does not completely cover up the natural wood’s color, while still providing the same protection.

Staining yourself vs a professional

Long-lasting, quality deck stains are best completed by a professional. While it may not seem like an arduous task, stains require patience and precision to be applied correctly for maximum effectiveness.

When it comes to something responsible for helping to protect your deck from the elements, it should be put in charge of someone with knowledge and experience. Then, you can be at ease knowing your stain was applied with quality, care, and precision.


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