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Tools That Are Helpful for Repairing a Fence


Tools That Are Helpful for Repairing a Fence

These are some of the tools you can use to help fix up your fence.

Fences are exposed to a lot of circumstances outside, and eventually, they are going to get worn down and need fixing. To help with the repair process, an assortment of handy tools will be needed. These are some of the tools you can use to help fix up your fence.

Electric Drill

Electric drills are very useful in the repair process of a fence. They help with drilling holes in your fencing, plus you can help screw different pieces together.

Post Hole-Digger or Auger

At one point or another, moving fence posts will become a necessity. When this time arrives, a post hole digger or auger will be handy because you can create new holes for your posts this way.

Digging Bar

A digging bar may be one of the most useful devices for any sort of fence repair project. This tool helps loosen up dirt around your fence posts and can also assist you in the process of removing fence posts from the ground. If that isn’t enough, it can even help tamper dirt when you are ready to do so. Digging bars are quite heavy and can be between 5 and 6 feet in length, but you’ll be glad you invested in one.


Getting fencing posts replaced will require you to move quite a bit of dirt around. A shovel is one of the go-to tools for displacing dirt. Once you’ve finished installing new posts, you can use the shovel to put the dirt back into place.


Have you taken notice to the fact that parts of your fence are kept together with some nails? If so, a hammer can help you out. By using a hammer, you can get old nails out of your fencing.


Even the largest of fences are kept together with a bunch of small pieces, and these pieces can become bothersome. If you need to keep anything held in place temporarily, pliers are very handy. They clamp onto parts of your fence without you having to exert any effort. This frees up your hands to handle whatever needs to be done, whether it’s tightening a bolt or the knot of a rope.

Safety Goggles

While these aren’t really considered to be a “tool,” they are still needed when repairing a fence. Goggles stop flying debris from getting into your eyes. There’s no telling when something unexpected could come flying towards you. You want to be protected if such an event were to pass.

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