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Home and Deck Maintenance Tips For the Summer

Seasonal change will always affect your home’s integrity. Differences in barometric pressure, temperature, and weather will cause your woodwork stress, your paint to chip, and your roof tiles to fall off. It’s important to stay on top of home and deck maintenance, especially with summer right around the corner. Follows are 4 exterior home and deck maintenance tips to prepare your residence for the sweltering heat.


Staying on top of home maintenance this summer will save you time and money!

Clean Out Those Gutters

Gutters are important! They protect your home’s foundation from water damage so it’s never too late to incorporate some much needed maintenance. Gutter covers will keep fallen leaves from blocking their functionality. You won’t have to worry about disgusting leaf clogs again if you invest in these lovely barriers.

Spotless Siding

To eliminate loose paint and dirt, powerwash you siding. This will keep your house aglow and your guests impressed for those summer BBQs! Trust your contractor, and increase your home’s curb appeal. Clean siding will attract attention in a nice neighborhood. Your home will encourage people to move down the block! Get your house ready for Memorial Day celebrations, backyard bashes, and outdoor celebrations by making the exterior shine.

Wood Rot Is Bad News

Wood rot inspections should be conducted at least once a year. Areas that are frequently exposed to moisture i.e. basement, foundation, siding, roofing etc. Probe wooden areas with a tool or your fingers. If the wood feels soft or crumbles you may have wood rot. Wood rot damage can grow exponentially, so identifying it early and taking the steps to fix it will only help you in the long run.

Window Maintenance

Keep the sweltering heat outside! Preventative window maintenance will keep your home temperate. A temperate home is an energy efficient home. The less your air conditioner has to work this summer the less empty your wallet. Check the sealant! This will ensure that both interior and exterior areas are secure. If your sealant is cracked or somewhat porous, use caulk to fix this. If there are defects in water stripping, be sure to replace it immediately. Water leaking into your home will further the effects of wood rot etc.

Pressure-Wash Your Deck

Further increase your home’s curb appeal by making your deck look brand new again! A good pressure washing will remove tough stains and grime build up. Pressure washing is far less effort than getting down on those hands and knees and manually scrubbing your deck. It will save you time and energy and your deck will keep its luster for much longer. Your deck’s summer maintenance will entice folks to join in on your outdoor fun this year.


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