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3 Reasons Pressure Washing a Deck is a Great Idea

The days of hand-scrubbing the deck before summer is over. Pressure washing a deck uses a machine that blasts water on the surface of your deck to get rid of hard-to-remove stains. When done correctly, an older deck can come from looking worn to looking brand new!pressure-washing-a-deck

Here are 3 reasons pressure washing a deck is a great idea. Make sure to stain your deck afterwards to maintain the like-new luster!

Reason #1: Less Effort

Compared to traditional cleaning methods, pressure washing a deck requires a lot less effort. The machine regulates the pressure of the water, so users just have to make sure they aren’t moving too fast and get everything. While pressure washers can be rented for home use, it’s recommended hiring a professional for the best results.

Reason #2: Better Results

No matter how hard you scrub, it just can’t be compared to the results of a pressure washer. Pressure washers can blast away some of the deepest, toughest stains, and completely transform the look of a deck. Hand washing is fine as a maintenance technique, but for decks showing their age pressure washing makes a huge difference.

Reason #3: Longer-lasting Results

Not only do pressure washers remove more stains, but the results last longer than traditional deck washing by hand. Pressure washers lift and remove so much compared to hand washing, it helps your deck continue to look new for years. This benefit can be enhanced by application of a professional deck stain to deter new stains and debris coatings.

Does your deck need a bit of a face lift? Consider pressure washing, following by a protective stain. These services can be performed affordably, quickly and professionally by your neighborhood experts at Albaugh & Sons! Give us a call before summer starts to get your deck looking new for family events and entertaining.


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