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Styles of Vinyl Fences You Can Try For The Summer

Styles of Vinyl Fences You Can Try For The Summer

Here are some styles that vinyl fences can have.

Vinyl fences continue to be some of the most popular types of fences around. It shouldn’t be surprising, given the reasonable pricing it has, along with its ease of maintenance and plethora of styles from which to choose. Thanks to the wide selection of styles available, you can get your vinyl fence to match pretty much any property. Here are some styles that vinyl fences can have.

Picket Vinyl Fences

These are the simplest vinyl fences you can get. With this choice, you get a fence with evenly distributed pickets across the length of the fence. Picket vinyl fencing comes in different heights, and you can get all kinds of picket caps too. They’re great for helping your property look better in the eyes of passersby. The only concern is that the pickets could be a little too wide to keep your yard completely private.

Simple Vinyl Privacy Fences

These fences add a little bit of elegance to your property and, as the name may tell you, provide you with extra privacy as well. These vinyl fences have a certain level of customizability to them, being able to accessorize your top railing with features such as vertical pickets or lattice.

You can also get these fences in a wide range of colors, like tan, clay, and white. This gives you the creative freedom needed to make your fence bring out the best in your yard’s appearance.

Aluminum/Vinyl Privacy Fences

This is an iteration of privacy fence that is a little different from simple privacy fences. They serve as a hybrid between aluminum fences and vinyl ones. With this type of vinyl fence, you will get an incredibly slim frame made out of aluminum, and this frame will surround a privacy panel made out of vinyl.

Aluminum/vinyl privacy fences are some of the best fences for promoting privacy around your yard, all while having visually appealing qualities. You’ll need to pay a little more money for fences such as these, but the quality you get is top-notch.

Two-Tone Vinyl Privacy Fences

These kinds of fences will have two colors at once. The vinyl frame gets a color, and the main vinyl panel will be in a separate color. Because of this, your fence won’t simply be there to help other parts of your landscape stand out; the fence itself will be a standout feature.

Like other fences on this list, you can customize these two-tone privacy fences with all sorts of designs, allowing you to have a feature that is pleasing to the eye.

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