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What Plants Work Best For Fence Line Landscaping?


Your fence looks great on its own, but certain landscaping elements can make it even better.

Fence line landscaping may be the best addition to your fences. While fences are a beautiful way to improve how your home looks and feels, you may want to soften the harshness of this hardscaping with some plants. You can use them to set a stylistic theme for your yard or to add to the privacy aspect of your privacy fence. However, you may be at a loss for exactly what kinds of plants will pair well with your fence from Albaugh & Sons. We’ve got some ideas to help!

Long-Blooming Perennials

If you want to add some color all summer long, look for long-blooming perennials like garden phlox or shasta daisies. They’ll add a nice touch of vibrancy to your yard and contrast especially well with picket fences. Your yard will look fantastic for the upcoming summer months! Some people leave those sunny summers out of their gardening plan, but your yard will certainly benefit if you plant some long-blooming perennials.

Winter Thinking

If you’re looking for plants to stand up next to your fences for the winter seasons, you’ll want evergreen shrubs and plants like red twig dogwood. Winter can often be the dullest season visually, so being able to pack in the vibrant reds of red twig dogwood is an incredible look, especially when backed by a white fence that really draws out the color of the plant.

Making It Feel Complete

You can use your fence and plant combination to create a full, well-rounded and thought out look. For example, if you have an older style home and a nice wood fence, you may want to grow traditional cottage garden plants along the pickets. It will harken back to a simpler time and make your house feel rusty and folksy.

Fences With Albaugh and Sons

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