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Interior Paint Ideas: What is the Best Color for a Master Bedroom?

master bedroom

Keep these color theory tips in mind when revamping your master bedroom this year.

Choosing interior paint colors can be hard, especially for bedrooms. Your bedroom is supposed to be the best place for you to unwind from a long, hard day and finally relax. Creating the ideal environment for that calm atmosphere requires the correct paint color. No matter what your favorite colors may be, there are ways to work them into your master bedroom. Keep these color theory tips in mind when revamping your master bedroom this year.

Soothe with Blues

Since the dawn of interior design, blue has been known to be the ultimate soothing color. It is ideal for creating a peaceful and tranquil space where you can lay down in bed and forget about the day’s worries. One of the best aspects of the color blue is that it has a vast array of hues and tones that will cater to your personal style and other design elements in your bedroom. If you’re interested in a darker shade of blue, consider white wainscoting to balance light and dark in the room. If you’re interested in a lighter, beachier blue, a bluish-green sea glass color will keep the room feeling bright and airy.

Serene Green

Green, like blue, is known to inspire peacefulness and relaxation. Green also has the advantage of being both a warm and cool color all at once, which is perfect for a bedroom. Also like blue, green has a large variety of hues and shades that can will help enhance your bedroom into the stylish retreat you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re interested in an extremely light shade of green for a paste effect or you want to create a natural, woodsy feeling with a dark forest green, there is a shade that will work for your master bedroom.

Naptime and Nighttime Neutrals

Neutrals may seem like an easy choice, but choosing the correct shade can become quite the task. When looking at paint samples, some creams and off-whites and grays may look completely indistinguishable from each other, but they are not. The amount of the natural light that your bedroom has can drastically change the hue and tone of your neutral paint choice. Try a few options out to see what they look like during the daytime and nighttime and with the lights on and off. This will be your best way to determine which neutral is best for your bedroom.


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