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How to Choose the Right Color for your Home

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What paint color speaks to you?

With the holiday season right around the corner, a fresh paint job is a great way to give your home that seasonal face-lift it needs. Albaugh and Sons provides interior painting services that are performed by experienced professionals. We prepare each site before we open the first can of paint, and leave each area clean and perfectly painted. Leave the hard part to us, and take part in the fun of painting: choosing the right color for your home. While you and your family argue over hues of blue, consider these helpful tips to narrow your choices down. 

Consider your Mood

While choosing a color, the first thing to consider is the mood you want to convey in each room. While spending time in the living room, would you rather experience a restful color tone or something a little more dramatic? In the playroom, do you want an excitable color tone or something more neutral in order not to overstimulate the Lego masters?

Regard Lighting

Your paint color will look different based on what sort of lighting you have in the room. Natural daylight shows your paints truest color, so if it’s a color you really want to show off, consider that shade for the room with the most natural light. Lamps, recessed lighting, and other incandescent lighting brings out the warm tones in yellows and similar colors, while fluorescent lighting casts a sharp blue tone against a lighter colored wall.

Test Colors

The area is going to be professionally painted anyway, so why not test out small sections with possible paint colors. If you can’t decide between 2 or 3 colors, paint small areas of the room. Back away from the wall and compare each color to how it blends with the other aspects of your home.

Get Creative

There’s no need to choose just one color. Each room in the house can have a different color or monochromatic scheme. The color should immediately reflect your individuality as a homeowner. Factor in how you spend your time in each room, and let that help you determine your decision. Remember that when you have friends and family over to visit this holiday season, that your home is a direct representation of your style.


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