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How You Should Replace Rotted Deck Boards (Part 1)

How You Should Replace Rotted Deck Boards (Part 1)

Today, we will review a few of the steps that are needed to replace deck boards that have rotted.

Your deck boards can get damaged by many factors, such as foot traffic and the various weather conditions under which they are exposed. Eventually, with enough time, your deck boards can start to rot, and new boards will be needed. Today, we will review a few of the steps that are needed to replace deck boards that have rotted.

Locate and Mark Deck Boards That Need Replacing

Before you start replacing deck boards, you’ll want to know which ones actually need to be replaced. Take a moment to scrutinize all of your deck boards, and take note of any signs of damage your boards have.

Once you know which boards are damaged, put marks on those boards, so you remember for later which ones to remove. Make marks that are long-lasting, but refrain from making permanent marks. This way, you won’t run into problems if you end up changing your mind.

Identify the Lumber and Calculate Your Footage

You also need to know what kind of wood is being replaced. This way, once you’ve removed the damaged boards, you’ll know exactly what boards would make suitable replacements. Assess all of the traits your deck boards have, including the length of the boards and their thickness. Record those numbers so you can reference them later when getting new boards for your deck. Sometimes, you can save money on expenses if you group your replacements together from longer boards. This is because you save more overall material.

Buy Lumber Needed for Replacement Boards

Next, you should find a company to supply your lumber for you. The lumber you get should not have any warpage, and you should check to make sure there aren’t any scars or other signs of damage. A trustworthy decking company should be able to help you get the decking materials that you need.

Remove Your Old Decking Boards

Once you have all of the lumber you need, you can start getting your old deck boards removed. Don’t try simply ripping them out because you can damage nearby boards in the process. Being gentle during the board removal process helps preserve the condition of your deck.

If you’re already working with a decking company to get materials, they can likely help you with the board removal process as well. This is the safest way to get your deck boards removed.

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