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How Often to Paint Different Rooms in Your House

How Often to Paint Different Rooms in Your House

We will be giving you a general guideline for how often you should paint your house’s interior.

Are you trying to reinvent your home’s image? If you are, the key to a successful home renovation could be in the paint job you give it. Painting your home’s interior can be the perfect way to give your house a fresh new look. Sometimes, you just want to try a new appearance, while other times, you may be trying to cover up marks that have accumulated over time.

When painting your house’s interior, one question that could arise is how frequently painting should be done. We will be giving you a general guideline for how often you should paint your house’s interior.

When to Paint Your Living Room?

For many households, the living room is one of the rooms used the most often. When you’re painting this room, you should do it with higher-quality paint so that it lasts longer and has greater durability. Assuming you use high-quality paints, repainting should need to be done roughly every six years or so. Painting might have to be done more often if lower-quality paints are used.

When to Paint Your Dining Room?

In a similar manner to your living room, the dining room requires high-quality paint for the best results. Because dining rooms aren’t used as often, paint tends to be less likely to be damaged. However, it’s still best to repaint your dining room between five and seven years. Consider using bold colors in the dining room to give your room an exciting appearance while you’re eating with your loved ones.

When to Paint Your Hallways?

Hallways get plenty of foot traffic in your house. Due to this, paint is much more likely to get damaged and marked up. This will result in you needing to get painting done more frequently. Generally speaking, for hallways, painting should be redone either every other year or every three years. Neutral colors are great for hallways because they help make the space feel larger and more airy.

When to Paint Your Bedrooms?

The amount of time spent in bedrooms can vary. Some people use them only for sleeping. In other instances, such as children’s bedrooms, they can be used as playrooms, meaning they get more use. If sleeping is the one purpose of a bedroom, painting every five years should be fine. If it’s a child’s bedroom, every other year might be more appropriate.

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