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How a Vinyl Fence Can Be Customized

How a Vinyl Fence Can Be Customized

Here are ways in which you can customize your vinyl fence so that it fits your tastes.

If you’re trying to determine how you can bolster your home’s privacy or give yourself a safer area for children and pets to play in your yard, you can rely on a vinyl fence to supply you with everything you need. Vinyl fencing has become more popular over the years because of how little maintenance it requires, how strong they are, and how little money you need to spend when compared to other fencing materials.

A reason people avoid vinyl fencing is because they believe it can’t be customized. But this is far from true. Here are ways in which you can customize your vinyl fence so that it fits your tastes.

Choosing How Much Space is Between Fence Posts

Depending on how much privacy you want for your yard, the amount of space between your fence posts will change. There should be less space between posts if you want to keep things secluded, and you should give more space between posts if you want to show off more parts of your yard.

For those who have pets, the visibility your vinyl fence allows can cause anxiety or frustration for them. This is because your pets can see new areas without being able to access them. More space between posts also lets strangers interact with pets, which can sometimes be dangerous.

Selecting a Height For Your Vinyl Fence

Many vinyl fences will be around 4-6 feet in height. Much like with the spacing between your posts, the height of your vinyl fence will be influenced by what role your fence should serve. Shorter fences should suffice if you just want to establish a property line. Taller fences are better if one of your goals is to keep people from climbing over them. For more privacy, taller fences work better. Taller fences help to keep your home much more secure.

Deciding on a Color and Finish

Many people will elect to use a white vinyl fence. However, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a different color or finish. You could get a fence with a red, gray, or brown color if you want. Just consider what color options your fencing contractor has available when making your choice.

You can even get your vinyl fence to foster similar traits to other types of fencing. This utility is desirable for homeowners who want their fence to have a certain look without sacrificing the utility of a vinyl fence.

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