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What Paint Colors Help Sell Your Home

What Paint Colors Help Sell Your Home

Here are some popular paint colors people use when selling their homes.

The day will come when you want to sell your home. When you do, having it repainted is a great way to add resale value in a short amount of time. You instantly improve your home’s outward appearance by applying a new coat of paint, and it can make the difference when trying to make the sale. One of the hardest parts of repainting your house is knowing what paint color to choose.  Different colors give your home different feelings, and the right color could be what convinces a homebuyer to invest in your property. Here are some popular paint colors people use when selling their homes.

Neutral Colors

When buying a home, homebuyers will try to imagine how they see themselves in the house. Neutral colors leave much to the imagination, not distracting people from visualizing where they would put all of their furnishings. These kinds of paint colors are also more inviting and vivid. Creating a welcoming atmosphere is the first step towards getting people interested in your house.


Blue is a safe option for you to use on your home’s exterior. There are many shades of blue, making it a versatile color choice. When you’re picking out a blue exterior paint color, consider your home’s trim, roof, and accents. They should complement whatever color you pick. Blue is one of the best paint colors for homes that can be seen easily from the streets or for houses that have large amounts of space along the exterior of their walls.


White is one of those types of paint colors that goes well with nearly any home style, and it’s especially trendy with newer buildings. It helps make your home look fresh and new and lets homebuyers have that clean slate feeling.

There are different shades of white. Stark whites aren’t recommended. Instead, go with a softer cream color. If your home has black exterior features, white will be a perfect color choice for your exterior walls.

Warm Earth Tones

If you prefer that your house blends in with the natural elements around it, earth tones such as taupe and brown can be viable options. These colors pair well with the colors of surrounding foliage, such as your lawn and trees. Warm earth tones provide feelings of comfort and also allow your house to stand out among others in your area.

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