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Handling Storm Damage On Your Fence

Handling Storm Damage On Your Fence

Find out how you should handle storm damage that befalls your fence.

Has your fence endured a great amount of damage recently? There are many areas around the world that get hit by heavy storms. Some places experience flooding, while others have to deal with heavy wind and ice, and these conditions can do a number on your fencing. So what do you have to do once the damage is done? Find out how you should handle storm damage that befalls your fence.

Inspect and Assess the Damage

It will likely be obvious that your fence has sustained damage. Many signs of damage are easy to notice. So, once a storm has passed, take a moment to inspect your fencing. You might see cracks in the wood. There could be bent wiring. Maybe some boards are now broken. Whatever the damage may be, the first step is to find out what type of damage it is. There might be a way to remedy the problem very quickly. If not, you’ll have to contact a professional fencing company. But either way, getting clarity is crucial. The sooner you address your fencing problems, the sooner your fence won’t be vulnerable to future damage.

Get Your Fence Cleaned Up

Wind storms are bound to leave some debris behind. If you have wooden fencing, you need to get rid of all of the organic materials on it. If leaves and branches are able to stay on your fence, rotting can take place. You should also look to see if any tree limbs are loose. Storms threaten to knock loose limbs down, some of which could land on your fencing and cause damage. Also, storms are able to make branches come loose if they are not loose already. Therefore, you should make sure you’re checking your trees both before and after a storm.

Decide If You Should Make Repairs On Your Own Or With Professional Help

If the damage is minor, it’s often repairable without the need for professional intervention. One example would be if you see loose fasteners, which can be tightened on your own. If you think you can handle DIY projects, you might even be able to handle the replacing of missing and broken planks,

However, there is a point when we suggest you get professional help fixing up your fencing. If you can’t access the materials needed to make the repairs, a professional fencing company will be your best bet. Professionals will have all of the specialized tools needed to make the repairs you need. It’s also always nice to get professional help if you just aren’t comfortable handling repairs on your own. Getting a pro to help you is always a safe bet because you can be sure you won’t have to make the repair multiple times.

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