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What is the difference between Interior and Exterior Doors?

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What’s the difference between your exterior and interior doors?

It isn’t just their location. The construction of each is very different, with exterior doors given special treatment to stand up to weather and frequent use.  Interior doors are constructed to be lighter and less expensive, as they aren’t typically subject to abuse from the elements.

The Materials Are Different

Interior doors are typically constructed of a single material such as wood or fiberwood while exterior doors typically consist of several materials to ensure their durability such as wood with a reinforced metal frame. Exterior doors are sometimes constructed entirely of steel or metal, while that specific material wouldn’t be necessary for an interior door.

Insulation Varies

Typically, exterior doors are constructed with some insulation as a way to help control energy costs. Foam cores can be inserted into steel doors as a way to protect against summer heat and winter colds. Interior doors are rarely insulated, although can provide some protection from drafts.

Sizing Differs

Exterior doors need to be thicker and heavier than their interior door counterparts are. Exterior doors are thicker than interior doors as a way of providing protection and ability to endure constant use.

They look Different, Too!

Exterior doors are sometimes made with decorative panels on only one side (the side people see), while interior doors are usually the same on both sides. It’s also common to see exterior doors with frosted glass panels.

How to Choose an Interior Door

Interior doors are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. You can paint yours a color unique to your personal tastes or keep it standard with white or black. Choose a door with paneling, a glass panel, or even unique designs. Once you’ve chosen a door perfect for your home, contact Albaugh and Sons to install it.

Albaugh and Sons Offers Carpentry Work!

Whether your room requires scaffolding to reach higher areas, or you need trim work and intricate areas expertly painted, the Albaugh & Sons team will get the job done right. There is always a project manager present at each job to ensure the entire project runs on time and on a budget.

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Albaugh & Sons specializes in painting and remodeling, including interior painting, and has the right tools and professionals for your paint job.

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