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When to Get Your Home Outlets Upgraded

When to Get Your Home Outlets Upgraded

Here are some of the signs that new home outlets are going to be needed.

Have you noticed that your home outlets aren’t in the best condition anymore? Can they not hold plugs anymore? If this is the case, you likely need to get new ones. You don’t want outlets that are old and outdated, and you need them to function as they should, but how do you know when it’s time to make the switch? Here are some of the signs that new home outlets are going to be needed.

You Only Have Two-Prong Outlets

If there are home outlets that have only two prongs, those should get replaced with three-prong ones. Two-prong outlets don’t let you plug in any appliances that have three prongs, and in addition to this, two-prong outlets aren’t grounded. This increases the shock risk around your house, which can cause damage to any electronics you might try to plug in. Make sure that you rewire your electrical panel when you make this change because it’s needed for grounding your outlets, which is what’s needed to minimize shock risk.

Plugs Fall Out of Your Outlets

Have you noticed that your outlet slots are regularly loose, and that your plugs keep falling out? This means that the contacts inside of your outlets have been worn down. This is a bigger deal than it may appear. Not only will your plugs not stay attached to your home outlets, but missing and loose connections will increase the chance of a house fire breaking out. Replacing the affected outlets is the best course of action to take to preserve your home’s safety.

Your Home Outlets Feel Hot

If the outlets around your house are hot to the touch, it’s an indicator of serious electrical issues. It means that your wires are loose or damaged in some way. This can also be a serious fire hazard, which is why the outlets should be replaced at once when you notice this issue.

Your Home Outlets Seem Discolored

Do your home outlets look more discolored than normal? If they do, it could be due to your outlets not being installed correctly. The outlets could also be burned or damaged in some way. If a short circuit occurs, the plastics surrounding the receptacle can mely, and scorch marks can get left behind. Sometimes, even fires can happen. Because of these risk factors, you want to shut down the power and have an electrical professional replace your outlets as soon as possible.

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