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Signs That Your Deck Needs to Get Repaired


Signs That Your Deck Needs to Get Repaired

If you don’t know when your deck needs repairs, here are some signs that the time is upon you.

Decking serves as a pleasant extra feature for many people’s homes. They make your outdoor living space more usable and enjoyable and give you the perfect place to bring family and friends together or simply kick back and relax. Over time, however, your deck is going to get worn down. You can slow down the process with regular maintenance, but eventually, you’ll have to get your deck repaired. If you don’t know when your deck needs repairs, here are some signs that the time is upon you.

Loose Railings

You might start noticing that the railings along your stairs and exterior start feeling loose. But before you call a deck repair company, put your rails to the test. If they move when touched, even if it’s only a small wobble, they need repairs. Many components keep your deck steady and stable, and if you have loose railings, one of those components is likely not working as it should. By detecting and resolving these problems early on, you avoid any bigger repairs down the road, and you reduce the likelihood of any injuries occurring on your deck.

Rotting Wood

Rotting wood is one of the easiest warning signs to detect. Decks get exposed to all sorts of weather, and eventually, the weather will start to take a toll on your deck. You may start to notice discoloration, mildew, and soft spots that appear on your boards. If you can’t tell if you have soft wood, tap the surface with a screwdriver. If there are any soft spots, you’ll experience a sponge-like feel when you go to tap the wood.

The best fix for rotting wood is to have a professional replace the affected boards. The longer you have rotting wood on your deck, the weaker it gets. Also, mold can potentially spread to other boards on your deck, creating more problems in the future.

Cracked Boards

Deck boards will get worn down over time, but there is a difference between regular wear and potential hazards. Some people will say that all cracked boards are rotting, but this isn’t always the case. If you see any cracked boards, get them replaced immediately.

Even small cracks on large boards pose a threat because these cracks are likely to keep growing. If you don’t know if your deck is experiencing regular tear or a concerning crack, find out how deep the crack is. If the crack goes deeper than a standard scratch, you should get it addressed.

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