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Painting During Winter is a Great Idea

Painting During Winter is a Great Idea

These are some of the reasons you should consider prioritizing painting during the winter.

If you ask your everyday homeowner when the best time would be for painting a house, winter is likely not going to be the first response. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad time to do painting. You can still get it done during the winter, meaning you’ll already have a freshly-painted house when the weather gets warmer. These are some of the reasons you should consider prioritizing painting during the winter.

For Exterior Painting

It costs less money to find a contractor during the winter because fewer people are having their houses painted at that time. This means that you can get bids from all sorts of contractors without worrying about them booking too many appointments.

When you get a contractor to work on your house, the process is just as easy as it is in the spring or summer. All you need to do is pay attention to the weather outside. If the temperature is either 35 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, you can do exterior painting without any problems. Temperatures can drop below freezing, though, especially at night. For this reason, it’s preferred for you to start your project in the late morning because the sun will have risen and warmed up the surface of the house. You should stop in the middle of the afternoon to give the paint enough time to set before night falls, and the cold air ruins the project. There are paints designed to be used at lower temperatures if necessary, so you might want to have your contractor use that type of paint for your project.

For Interior Painting

For the inside of your home, painting in the winter impact how long your paint will take to dry. The air outside is colder, which means the drying process will be much faster. Simply open your windows when the painting is over, and you can dry your paint in no time. The heating bill may go up a bit temporarily, but it will allow you to complete your painting job more efficiently.

You can cut down on time even more in winter because it is a season when contractors aren’t as busy. This means it takes less time to get an appointment, so you can get your painting done before everyone else starts scrambling to book appointments in spring.

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