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Interior Painting Tips for your House


Interior Painting Tips for your House

To help you with your next interior painting job, take these tips into consideration.

Painting doesn’t seem very complicated. Just open up a can of paint, find a brush, and paint your wall however you like. But for people who have tried doing their own interior painting, they know that it’s a tougher job than it looks. You could end up painting the walls unevenly, dripping paint all over the floor, or make your paint color scheme inconsistent, among other things. To help you with your next interior painting job, take these tips into consideration.

Avoid Roller Lap Marks

For many people, a roller is often used for interior painting jobs. If you use a roller, you need to be careful that you don’t get lap marks on your wall. To do this, overlap any spots where you had painted before the paint finished drying.

Keep Your Paint Color Consistent

Paint colors can have variance between them, even if they had been mixed at the same time with the same color concoction. To avoid any inconsistencies in your paint color, take all of your paint and put it in one container, then mix everything together.

Make Edges Cleaner

While doing your interior painting, it can be challenging to get perfect edges, even if you’re using masking tape to help you. Something people may not realize is that when you peel off your masking tape, some of the paint comes off with it if you don’t wait long enough. To make sure your edges are perfectly straight, wait until the paint dries to avoid having some of it peel off. You also want to use a knife so that you can cut along the edges of tape while you’re pulling it off your walls.

Get an Even Paint Finish

Once you’ve finished patching up any holes and cracks in your walls using filler, you want to prime your whole wall. If you don’t prime your wall after patching, your finishing coats of paint will get absorbed into your repairs in different ways from the rest of your wall. This can ruin your interior painting job by causing an uneven finish.

Use Cotton Drop Cloths

Keeping paint off of your floors is virtually impossible for any interior painting job. But a cotton drop cloth will certainly be more helpful than just using plastic sheets. Paint that drips onto plastic remains wet, so it can continue to leak into other places. Using cotton drop cloths is safer because it contains any paint and prevents it from causing a mess throughout your home. Cloths are also safer because they stay in place better than plastic, making them a safer choice for anyone who is using a ladder.

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