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What You Need to Know About Wood Fencing and Termites

One of the first things people think of when the concerns of wood siding, fencing and decks are discussed is wood fencing and termites. Termites are small insects that love to make a meal out of dead wood and plants. They travel in large numbers, which can mean substantial damage to your wood fence if they’re not taken care of in time.

Termites Deck

Be on the lookout for the warning signs of termites.

Wood fences are attractive, sturdy, and can even be stained for water resistance. But the termite is also resilient, working fast and diligently to destroy your wood fence. Learn the signs and what you can do to handle wood fencing and termites.

The warning signs of wood fencing and termites?

Many people are unfamiliar with what to look for when trying to determine if their wood fence has termites or not. The main things to look for are splits and holes. These holes may be tunnels, in a honeycomb pattern depending on the termite colony. Any time you notice holes, tunnels, or splits in your fence, you should be wary of termites.

Preventing termites

The best way to prevent termites is to have your fence treated by a professional. Check untreated fences often for signs of damage, and make sure rotting plants and wood are laying near your fence. Termites that feed on these dead plants and woods could move on to your fence when finished. Also, keep your fence clean to ward off insects and remove debris that may cause damage.

If you have some termite damage to your fence, you may be able to have it repaired by a fencing contractor. However, moderate to severe termite damage may mean you have to replace your fence. This is why it’s incredibly important to check frequently for termites, especially around spring when its wet and warm, two things that termites enjoy.

Remember, any fence repairs you notice, whether it be termite damage, rotting, or damage, make sure to call your local contractors Albaugh & Sons as soon as possible.

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