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More Rules to Follow During Exterior Painting

More Rules to Follow During Exterior Painting

Read on for more rules you’ll want to follow when completing an exterior painting project.

There are plenty of home improvement projects you can undergo, but there are few projects that will get results more quickly than exterior painting. With a fresh coat of paint, your house will have an instantly improved look, but it can be a pretty big task to handle. Fortunately, there are rules you can follow that help to ensure the job is completed successfully. We have discussed some of these rules in the past, but we have more that we would like to cover. Read on for more rules you’ll want to follow when completing an exterior painting project.

Don’t Just Apply a Single Coat of Paint

When you start painting, your base coat should be comprised of a high-quality primer. This keeps paint bleeding to a minimum. Once the primer is applied, you can apply the first coat of paint. When that first coat has gotten tacky, the second coat of paint can be applied.

Use Optimal Tools

You can have the best paint available, but your exterior painting project won’t go well if you aren’t using the best tools for the job. Only use high-quality paint rollers and brushes when applying your paint. You might pay more upfront, but the results will be worth the investment. Alternatively, instead of buying the materials, you can hire an exterior painting company to handle the job for you. Not only will they come with the best materials, but they will also get the painting project done on your behalf and be sure it is done to a professional standard.

Cover Everything Nearby

Paint can be messy, and you don’t want to accidentally drip paint onto your floors, greenery, or anything else. Therefore, you should prepare ahead of time by covering everything around your walls before you paint. This will ensure that paint isn’t applied to anything but the surfaces where you want it to go. It also helps make the cleanup process much quicker.

Be Realistic

Exterior painting is a big project, so it should only be done when you’re able to do it. This means you need to have the strength, time, skillset, and tools to do it right. Depending on the size of your house, the time it will take to complete your painting project can vary, so keep that in mind when determining if you should paint your house yourself, or if you should call in professional assistance.

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