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How to Waterproof Seal Your Deck

How to Waterproof Seal Your Deck

Here is a guide on what steps you should take to waterproof seal your deck.

Decks get put through a lot of strain, dealing with factors such as pests, foot traffic, and hazardous weather conditions. One factor that can take a huge toll on your deck is excess water, which is why waterproofing is a necessity for extending its lifespan. Here is a guide on what steps you should take to waterproof seal your deck.

Get Rid of Debris on Your Deck

Before you even apply any sealant, make sure that your deck has been cleaned and dried off. A broom can help sweep away various types of debris that may be littering your deck, such as pine needles, leaves, and dirt. All of this debris should be put in some sort of container to avoid having it get onto your decking again.

You’ll also want to pay attention to your deck’s condition. Watch for any cracks on the surface or nails that could be sticking out. These problems need to be repaired to avoid potential injury later. A professional decking company could help you with these repairs.

Repair Your Wood

Once you’ve cleared off all of your deck’s debris, return to the damaged areas on your deck and make repairs to them. Any nails that are sticking out need to be hammered down, and if those nails are broken, you have to get them replaced.

Rotting boards will be another area of concern, one that impacts wooden and composite decking. If rotting only impacts one board, you can get that one board replaced to remedy the issue. However, if multiple boards are impacted, you could have a more serious problem on your hands, one that might demand professional attention.

Deep Cleaning

If you clean your deck and you find that there is still some dirt left on it, then you might have to give it a deep cleaning. Some people turn to power washers, but they aren’t always recommended because they can damage softer wood materials. We suggest letting a professional decking company take care of deep cleaning that you need to get done. They’ll make sure that they don’t damage your deck while they work, which can easily happen without extensive experience.

Select a Sealant

After giving your deck around three days to dry, you need to pick a sealant. The one you pick will vary based on climate and your decking material. There will also be various tints from which to choose, impacting the look of your deck in the end.

While it’s ultimately up to you which sealant to pick, clear sealants and ones with lighter colors are typically preferred for wooden decks since they absorb less heat, and you can see the natural wood grains.

Apply Your Sealant

As soon as you have dry weather with which to work, you can start sealing your deck. Painter’s tape should be applied to areas that will need protection.

You should apply the sealant with a paint brush, and make sure to wipe away drips while you’re performing the application. Some people try to use a garden sprayer instead, but we recommend brushes since they let you take a slower pace and be more careful.

Let your sealant dry before you put on a second coat. Then once the second coat is done, your deck will be ready.

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