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Fantastic Fences for Petersville, Maryland

Albaugh & Sons offers fantastic fences for your property in Petersville, Maryland.

Fantastic Fences for Petersville, Maryland

If you’re searching for a fantastic fence to complete your home in Petersville, Maryland, then you probably already know all about the advantages the right one has to offer. Fences are beautiful and practical as well; they mark the boundary between properties and add that final touch of style. Depending on your needs, you’re looking for security, privacy, affordability, or a combination of all of these factors. Nonetheless, a great fence will raise your property value. If you live in Petersville, Albaugh & Sons has a superb selection of fences at a competitive price.

How to Choose the Right Fence

There are two basic aspects to consider for choosing a fence. One is to list what your needs are. What purpose do you want it to serve? The right fence will check off all those boxes. The second area to think about is how much maintenance it will require. How much time and energy are you willing to put into keeping your fence in good shape? With these two factors alone, you can hone in on your ideal fence.

Fence Materials

Fence materials play a large role in the function of the fence. Several stellar options are common in the market.

  • Wood: Wood is a relatively inexpensive material that can adhere to countless styles. Cedar and pressure-treated pine are two of the most common types, and can easily last for more than two decades. However, wood fencing is susceptible to rotting, warping, splintering, and shrinking. It requires the most maintenance of any material.
  • Vinyl: This engineered option has improved over the years to provide a durable and versatile fencing material. It is sturdier than wood and can be in just about any style as well. It only needs a gentle wash to keep it looking good. On the other hand, it is more expensive than wood.
  • Aluminum: If security is your top priority, then aluminum is likely the choice for you. Stately and beautiful, it is flexible to form different designs, although it will not give you privacy. It needs little to no maintenance but costs the most.

Fence Styles

Fence materials and styles go hand in hand; knowing your fencing needs will help you select the best style and form a harmonious marriage between material and kind.

  • Picket: The most classic type, this famous fence has pickets with minimal spaces between each one. These vertical boards can form an arched or scalloped pattern or be straight. Each picket can have specific detailing. 
  • Privacy: These fences refer to vertical board, with no spaces between each panel, or board-on-board fences, in which the boards alternatively overlap. These, too, can be arched, scalloped, or straight.
  • Split-Rail: These humble fences are perfect for rural, woodsy, or suburban locations. Consisting only of posts and two or three rows of horizontal rails, they are enough to show outsiders where not to cross the line.

About Albaugh & Sons

Albaugh & Sons originally specialized in fence distribution and installation alone. Now a company that offers painting, home remodeling, and much more, Albaugh & Sons remains a fantastic fencing resource for homeowners throughout the Frederick, Maryland, area.


Our team at Albaugh & Sons is known for high-quality customer service, design, installation, and maintenance for all fences that we build. No matter what service we are performing, we always make sure it is done efficiently and with precision. Contact us today to get started your next backyard design!