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Why You Should Get a Subpanel Installed

Why You Should Get a Subpanel Installed

Today, we’ll explain what benefits you can gain from getting a subpanel installed for your house.

Your home is going to need a lot of electricity in order to function. This electricity gets into your home via an electrical panel known as the circuit breaker. Now, you may feel okay with the circuit breaker handling all of the electricity that comes into your house, but have you ever thought about getting a subpanel for your home as well? Today, we’ll explain what benefits you can gain from getting a subpanel installed for your house.

You Don’t Overcrowd Your Main Panels

It’s very easy for your main panels to get overcrowded due to having too many connections. This can make it hard for homeowners to properly care for their main panels, and when they aren’t given proper care, the cover plate can go missing, which is highly dangerous. Also, if you need your main panel fixed, an electrician could have a difficult time working around the panel.

When you have a subpanel, you ease the burden of your main panel, meaning that your main panel can be much safer, as well as easier to fix.

You Don’t Need to Worry About Over Wiring

Have you been tempted to engage in over wiring? Over wiring lets users get extra power from their main breaker panels. In a lot of situations, however, over wiring is seen as a violation. To avoid violating any electrical codes inside of your home, you’ll need to have a subpanel installed. This way, you won’t need to overpower your main breaker panel and create a potential electrical hazard.

It Will Be Easier to Make Renovations to Your Home

Have you thought about expanding your home? Maybe you’ve wanted to create another garage, or you want to build a new room for your house. If you’re going to create more spaces around your house, those areas will need electricity as well, and your main panel is going to be harmed as a result.

Getting a subpanel is a great way to supply these new areas the electricity they need without burdening your main panel too much. Not only will your main panel be less stressed, but you can place your subpanel closer to these new spaces so that the electricity can be distributed more seamlessly.

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