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Why to Paint Your Home’s Exterior Before Fall Starts

Why to Paint Your Home's Exterior Before Fall Starts

These are the reasons you want to paint your house before fall begins.

Whether you’re trying to revitalize your home’s appearance or you simply want to take care of a few flakes and chips, applying a new coat of paint to your home can do wonders. If you’re going to paint your home, now would be the best time to get it done. Take advantage of what time you have during summer because fall can make painting more of a pain. These are the reasons you want to paint your house before fall begins.

Cooler Fall Weather Results in Lower Paint Quality

Summer weather is perfect for painting because most paints thrive in temperatures that are above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. When fall comes around, the outside temperature drops significantly, to the point that the paint won’t be under suitable conditions. As a result, your paint’s quality goes down significantly. Just be careful that you get painting done during the middle of the day because this will give you a large window of time with warm summer weather to allow your paint to settle. If you wait until later in the day, the temperatures will go down as you approach nightfall, and these cooler temperatures can negatively impact your paint’s overall quality.

Exterior Paint Needs Moderate Weather

Paints that are freshly applied to your home’s exterior will do best under warmer weather conditions. This is because it takes warmth for the particles of paint to come together and create a cohesive surface. Just be careful because even in the summertime, you have to be careful when you paint. Changes in temperature can severely impact your paint, and while it can be warm during the day, some nightly temperatures can be much cooler and cause staining and flaking. Make sure to pick the day for your painting carefully so that there isn’t too much change in temperature. Also, as mentioned earlier, painting in the middle of the day is recommended because you get the longest period of time to take advantage of the summer heat.

Too Much Moisture Can Cause Problems

Cooler weather isn’t the only factor that causes problems. Too much moisture can also wreak havoc on your paint job, and fall can bring quite a bit of moisture with it. On top of that, the warmer weather that comes during summer means it takes less time after a massive storm for your house’s surface to dry off and allow you to start painting. In fall, the cooler temperatures mean you’ll have to wait longer after storms have passed before you can start painting. It isn’t even just the cooler temperatures at play. The leaves that come down during fall trap moisture in them, meaning you’ll have to wait even longer for your house to dry.

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